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10 Summer Dresses to Pick This Summer

10 Summer Dresses to Pick This Summer

With summer fast approaching, we also have to update our wardrobe to beat the heat while still looking effortlessly chic. And when it comes to looking great all summer, you can’t go wrong with an eye-catching dress that reflects your fun self. 

To help you prepare your wardrobe, we’ve listed down 10 summer dresses to pick this summer. We made sure to pick the dresses that offer both style and comfort – so you’re bound to make heads turn all summer long. 

Soyeuse Dress

First on our list is the Soyeuse Dress. This short-sleeve micro dress is the perfect outfit for going on trips with your friends. It is flowy and incredibly comfortable, so you can go about your activities with ease. 

We also love that it has a lovely floral design in specific parts throughout the dress. It’s as if you’re looking at pretty flowers against a black backdrop, which makes it so much more appealing. It also has an interesting sleeve design that makes it stand out from other summer dresses. Without a doubt, the Soyeuse Dress is one classy piece that you’ll love wearing this summer. 

Lux Dress

Another stunning dress for this summer is the Lux Dress. 

As its name implies, it’s a summer dress that has a luxurious vibe to it, making it excellent for different occasions. But if you pair them with the right shoes, you can also wear them on casual days. 

But perhaps our favorite feature of this dress is that it comes with pockets. It’s rare to find a pretty summer piece with pockets, and that’s a clear win in our book. 

This white and red color-block dress looks stunning with different footwear, making it extra versatile, too. You’re getting your money's worth with the Lux Dress. 

Tilly Dress

When we think of summer, the Tilly Dress perfectly embodies our thoughts on this season. We picture light blue skies and a bed of beautiful flowers – exactly what’s portrayed in this dress.

Because of its button-down design, it gives off a fun and casual vibe. But aside from its undeniable aesthetics, it’s also soft and easy to wear. 

For the days when you’re in a hurry to get dressed, the Tilly Dress will make you look polished in minutes. 

Saturne Dress

The Saturne Dress is another dress that we love for the summer. 

This white and blue dress features tropical patterns that are perfectly reminiscent of summer days. Being a short dress, it’s quite breezy to wear, making it perfect for staying cool during these hot days. 

The Saturne Dress has a cute tie detail that undoubtedly adds to its overall charm. And, it has a lovely blue hue that looks flattering on anyone. 

Because of its tie detail, you might be curious if it will be exposing part of your legs. It won’t – it comes with a piece of fabric underneath the overlap area, so you know you’re well protected. 

Without a doubt, this dress is one you can’t live without this summer.  

Recreation Dress

The Recreation Dress is perhaps one of our favorites in this selection. its all-white design with minimalist gold trims makes it look elegant yet perfect for recreational activities – hence, the name Recreation Dress. 

If you look closely into the fabric, you’ll notice lovely flower patterns across the dress, making it look more casual than all other all-white dresses in the market. it also features a buttoned design, making it perfect for dressed-down days but you still want to go a little extra. 

Because of its effortless style and timeless beauty, there’s no doubt that the Recreation Dress is one of the best dresses for this summer. 

Regate Dress

If you love the overall appeal of the Recreation Dress but feel like white isn’t your color, then the Regate Dress is a great alternative. 

Unlike the Recreation’s all-white aesthetic, the Regate features a lovely orange-red color that’s reminiscent of sunsets at the beach. If that doesn’t remind you of summer, we don’t know what would. 

The Regate Dress also has a lovely flower pattern on the fabric and a button front design that makes it perfect for different activities. It’s also quite versatile. Pair it with different shoes, and you’re ready to hang out with friends, go on a museum trip, or go flirty on a casual date. 

Santiago Shirt Dress

For those who love wearing shirt dresses for the summer, the Santiago Shirt Dress will surely reflect your style. 

One of the most interesting features of this dress is its versatility. Because of its shirt dress component, you can wear it in two ways – as a dress or as a stylish tunic. Even the tie design can be tied in the front or back, so you can surely dress it the way you want to. 

This true-to-size dress features a lovely print that compliments different body types and complexions. It’s also machine washable, making it convenient to clean after a long day. 

Serenade Dress

Another buttoned floral dress is the Serenade Dress. But unlike the others that lean towards an A-line cut, this dress offers a more cinched design that allows you to flaunt all the right curves. 

Despite its smaller waist design, it has an elasticated back so you won’t feel stiff while wearing it. And that allows you to move around freely to enjoy the day. 

You can pair this tea-style dress with casual sneakers or some cute sandals and watch how it changes your look entirely. That reflects how versatile it can be.

Because of its comfortable yet form-fitting design, we believe the Serenade Dress deserves to be on the top 10 dresses for this summer. 

TB Floral Dress

For those who have to attend an occasion this summer, the TB Floral Dress will instantly make you the center of attention. 

This Neoprene dress offers an A-line cut with a lovely skirt that helps highlight your femininity. The white color also makes it timeless and elegant, which is why it’s perfect for summertime occasions and parties. 

Since it’s made of neoprene material, it helps keep you cool and dry despite the hot weather. And that will surely make you feel comfortable throughout the day. 

We also love that it comes with pockets – so you’ll always have convenient storage for small items. 

Lace Dress

If the TB Floral Dress seems too boring for you, then perhaps the Lace Dress will be more to your liking.

This lovely all-white lace dress has a nude lining that will surely make you a scene-stealer. It also features an eye-catching shoulder and skirt detail that makes it look timeless and classy. With this dress, you’re bound to make a statement in any formal event. 

It also has a sleeveless design, and that will surely make you feel more breezy despite the summer heat. 

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